ALBUM: James Blunt – Once Upon a Mind
ALBUM: James Blunt – Once Upon a Mind Free Zip File Download

James Blunt’s sixth album emerged from a period of heavy emotional turbulence for the singer-songwriter. 

As he and his wife coped with all the joy and tumult of raising a young family, Blunt’s father was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

 “I’m seeing that circle of life playing out in front of me,” he tells Apple Music. 
“This has been one of my easiest albums to write because I’ve had really clear things I’ve needed to say. 
I’ve just had to describe how I feel about specific things that are going on.” 
“Monsters” is the centrepiece—an aching piano ballad that addresses his father and the changes in their relationship that illness has fuelled—while the first three songs are unfiltered expressions of thanks and love to a wife left at home “to pick up the pieces” when Blunt disappears on tour. 
“I’d been writing songs in the hope that other people might like them, writing words that I thought you would like to hear,” he says. 
“I think people have realized that that’s a bit disingenuous. 
On this, I’m writing the truth and I think people can hear that it is genuine. 
It’s turned out into something that is bigger and better than I could have expected.” 
Here, he takes us through every emotion and event, track by track.

The Truth
5 Miles
How It Feels to Be Alive
I Told You
Stop the Clock
The Greatest