We Have an average of 500k Thousand users monthly, with over 1 million page views and a whooping 500k Thousand downloads. HipHopMusicPlug media is one of the most visited websites across the globe for online music promotion. We have a wide access viewer base covering Nigeria, U.S, and other countries all over the continent at large.With over 10 new talents discovered every day on the site. HipHopMusicPlug media  promotes not only but all over social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is your best place for delivering your music to the preferred audience. Don’t miss this opportunity, get your song/video on the HipHopMusicPlug .

HOW CAN I PROMOTE MY SONG ON HipHopMusicPlug mediaHipHopMusicPlug media offers you direct access to our representative as well as a swift response. Contact: for more info
The requirements for the music or video promotion is as Viz:

1. Photo/ Album Art of your music to use

2. Write Up Of yourself, describing the music

3. Artist Name, Song Name & FT other artists if there is any4.Produce

r4. your Music/Video

Our Services include:Regular post = $40Sticky post (per day rate) =$25The above are negotiable

NOTE: All Uploaded Music We Be Store & Save To Our Server Thanks.
Unfortunately, we can’t just promote anyone or content, all artists that send in materials go through a strict approval process where some of our team reviews your content materials, and quality. Any pornographic, Violent, Racist, immoral, or inhuman art will not be promoted.

If you are disapproved this doesn’t mean your are not good enough, it is just we feel that your work needs improvement before we can promote you.

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