Chris Brown was taking cover behind his fence as a crazed fan shouted at him, hollering at the artist over an alleged common companion. Darker answered that he didn’t have a clue about the lady that she was referencing, yet the fan didn’t appear to mind. She proceeded with her yelling match before in the long run getting frightened away by one of his homies.

Chris Brown Hides From Crazed Fan Breaking Into His Crib
Chris Brown (Instagram)

Several months ago, Chris Brown invited fans to his home for an exclusive yard sale, listing streetwear and sneaker gems for the low-low. Somebody must have saved his address because, over the weekend, a woman attempted to break into his home and it was all caught on video.
“Psychological sickness IS REAL!! SHE TRIED TO SNEAK OVER THE GATE AT MY CRIB BUT SHE SAW MY DOG and he saw her,” composed the craftsman on Instagram, sharing the video to his a huge number of devotees.

The lady alluded to CB as her “life accomplice,” making this whole circumstance significantly progressively bizarre.

It is hazy how this heightened. It has likewise not been uncovered whether the police were called to capture the trespasser.

This isn’t the first occasion when that someone has broken onto Chris Brown’s property. Before, someone has effectively made it into his bunk to paint her name on the vocalist’s vehicles and compose love messages on his dividers. Obviously Brown simply has that impact on the women… Fortunately, he’s protected.