Like fear or a fondue platter, DJ Khaled brings people together.

 The affable mogul has been known to facilitate iconic meetings for the betterment of a) the culture, and b) his albums. Given his upper echelon tax bracket, Khaled’s circle includes several prominent hip-hop legends who happen to be astute businessmen. Case in point, Khaled’s recent IG post, in which he breaks bread with rivals-turned-friends Jay-Z and Nas.

Gone are the days of “Takeover” and “Ether.” In fact, it’s entirely possible the pair are laughing about it in this very photo. We can only speculate. In any case, Khaled seems content to oversee the discussion, no doubt marveling at his own spectacular networking prowess. While it’s endearing to see the three men sharing a laugh, one has to wonder whether this wine-soaked conversation actually transpired in a studio setting. After all, buddy in the back seems neck deep in laptop light. Where else might you find both laptops and rappers in the same room, if not a studio? 
All this to say, it’s entirely possible that Jay-Z and Nas will be joining forces on Father Of Asahd. Stay tuned.