Federal Polytechnic Oko set to conduct the Students Union Government election after a year without one. The immediate past government was dissolved by the school management due to corruption and embezzlement of funds.
Early this year, the National Union of student government came to protest led by Comrade–. After the meeting with the management, they mandated the school to conduct the student SUG election not later than this year. 
Finally, the school has fixed the date of the election on August 3rd being Saturday day. The aspirants (candidate) are given two days to the campaign which is 1st and 2nd August. 
The election is to be done online (E-voting). 
Below are the requirements and procedures for voting:
1. School fees receipt 
2. Department clearance note 
3. SUG due. 
With the students voting documents, the students will be accreditated and be giving a pin for voting. The pin expires one hour after being issued to the student, so he/she has only an hour to vote during the election. 
On 7th July, the chaplain of St. Augustine chaplaincy condemned the voting system describing it as “Buhari style”. He asked various questions about authenticity and how free and fair the election will be. 
He said “…if it was the option A four, manipulation of the election will be limited because everyone is present and witnessed it” 
He also asked the student to do it something 
“…you all are quiet about it, protest against it, it’s your future that will be under milled”.