Report came to KBE on 20th November that FPO is on fire. Some group of student having night study inside the school premises reported that the fire started around 1-2am in the morning.

The cause of the fire outbreak is not officially disclosed, but it is rumuored that the outbreak was done by the some student because of the ongoing paper and pen base exam and computer base exam battle between the school management and student, while others said it was a school bus that started burning before affecting other building.

The school coaster bus close to the building was reported to burn for about 20min before transferring to the school building. Afar about 30mins to 1hr, the school security arrived and put out the fire from burning to the ground.

The school security (anty-cult) chase everybody out of the in the school premises out for their safety, currently the school gates are closed.


A school bus that started the fire,
Admission block (building)
No life was reported lost.