At the Angelus, Pope Francis remembers the end of the Great War, and asks everyone to “reject the culture of war”. 

The gesture of St. Martin, of sharing with the poor, “shows everyone the way to build peace”.The “poor and generous widow as a model of Christian life to be imitated”. “To give to the Lord and our brothers and sisters not something of ours, but ourselves”.

Thirteen consecrated men and three lay faithful, martyrs of the Spanish civil war, beatified in Barcelona. Next Sunday, November 18, the second World Day of the Poor is celebrated.

“Today marks the centenary of the end of the First World War, which my predecessor, Benedict XV, defined as the ‘useless slaughter’ “, Pope Francis said. Bells throughout the world are to ring at 1:30pm Italian time to honor the date, he said. 
He also said that World War I is a “strong warning” to reject the “culture of war” and to “seek every legitimate means to put an end to those conflicts that are still making blood flow in many regions of the world”. He proposed St Martin of Tours, whose Feast is celebrated today, as a symbol of investing in peace.  “He cut his cloak in two to share it with a poor man. May this gesture of human solidarity indicate to everyone the way toward constructing peace”, Pope Francis said.
The final date the Pope spoke of is the Second World Day for the Poor to be celebrated next Sunday with many initiatives. He said that a First Aid station will be set up in St Peter’s Square where those in need can receive medical care. “I hope that this Day will encourage greater attention to the needs of the least and the marginalized”, he said.