Artist: Young Thug
Featured artist: Lil Baby
Album: So Much Fun
Released: 2019
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Quotable Lyrics

Rich nigga shit, I bought my thottie a new Patek
Got a model, got a thickie, got a BM, got a stallion
Got a billion dollar corporation, fuck a Xanny
I got millions to go get and a couple bitches to- uh, yeah
You my dawg ’til we dead, not a question
But I can’t fuck with you like I want ’cause you ratted
Got a million dollars in the wall, in the Bentley
Got a step down, got it hard, got it cracking on her
Half a million, I just need a warm up
Half a million, uh, uh, mm
I could buy the building
I could rent this shit out or save it for the children
I could dead this shit out or give it to the villains
Somewhere they can hide when they do some killing
All of the rides got grenade ceilings
Loaded with a ride cost a cool million