INDIGO chris brown download tracks

It’s officially Indigo season. Chris Brown‘s long-awaited ninth studio album is here and it did not disappoint. Breezy is back and it’s like he never left with the two-track record consisting of a whopping 32 tracks. With a slew of A-list collaborators and endless bops, Chris‘ new album has fans sending high praise his way. “And @chrisbrown does it again! #Indigo go download that now! 🔥,” one fan tweeted just minutes after the record dropped, and another listener gushed, “INDIGO!!!! @chrisbrown !! 

OMFG!!! I LOVE ITTTT !!!” A third dedicated fan poked fun at Breezy’s extensive tracklist, tweeting, “Bruh it’s gonna take 2 days to listen to @chrisbrown new album #INDIGO.” One fan even went as far as to say the new record is a “masterpiece.”