Yella Beezy – On Fleek (feat. Gunna) Mp3 Download

Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Music

Released: November 6, 2020

℗ 2020 HITCO

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Quotable lyrics; 

I’m on the Forbes list

Keep lil’ mama in Dior drip (Yeah, yeah)

Educated and she gorgeous (Yeah, yeah)

Text emoji, I might blow her a kiss (Yeah, yeah)

Drop a bag, yeah, she know I’m rich (Yeah, yeah)

Ghetto bougie, she ain’t born shit (Yeah, yeah)

I-I-I’ma ice out her arm and wrist (Yeah, yeah)

Pinky ring and her charm, it glist’ (Yeah, yeah)

Big ol’ big love, they know I’m the shit

No basic business, gotta come equipped

I love feelin’ on her tongue and lips (Mmm)

Give her ’42, she gon’ tongue the dick

Slow it down, jump on the dick (Ooh)

Gotta nut and cum on the dick (Ooh)

We keep on fuckin’, suck on the dick (Ooh)

Bouncin’ almost sprung the dick (Ooh)

Lick, lick, lick, swung the dick

Head is fire like an arsonist

And she hold my kids like an orphanage

Diamond ring, bling sparklin’

A-A-All up in her neck, garglin’ (Oh-oh)

When we linkin’ up, partyin’ (Oh-oh)

You can hit your friend, call ’em in (Oh-oh)

That wet-wet when I’m fallin’ in (Oh-oh)

Yeah, yeah

Yella Beezy – On Fleek (feat. Gunna) Mp3 Download