K.B.E received a report  yesterday that Nia Guzman had filed for an increase in child support payments, noting that Breezy owes her as much as $250K in retroactive finances. With her website only garnering her a minimal income, the change in child support could help out Guzman to an extreme degree but, reportedly, Chris isn’t down with it.
According to The Guardian, Brown believes his daughter will be spoiled rotten if the request goes through, something he’s not interested in doing. The publication writes that he said, “Providing a four-year-old with everything she demands could be harmful and is not in her best interest.” Chris’ response states that he has kept his side of the bargain since they agreed on the amount he would pay her monthly, even paying an excess of $6,628 to her.
sA previously reported, Guzman believes she should be getting $21,000 from Brown. We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.