Over 25,000 people have signed a petition calling for R. Kelly’s German concert dates to be canceled. The protest comes amid allegations of sexual misconduct revealed by new six-part documentary series “Surviving Kelly.”

Since the petition was created earlier this week, over 25,000 people have signed to urge authorities to shut down the two dates booked for singer R. Kelly’s Germany tour.
The concerts are scheduled for mid-April in Ludwigsburg in Germany’s south and Hamburg in the north. The change.org petition is calling for both dates to be canceled, arguing fans should not “give sexual offenders a stage.”
The protest refers to numerous allegations against R. Kelly spanning the last two decades, including sex with minors and child pornography.
“How can it be, that this sex offender should be given a stage in Germany that’s also supported by public institutions?” the petition asks. “If we allow this, we are signaling to the alleged victims of R. Kelly and to countless others affected by sexual violence, that sexual misconduct involving minors is tolerated and even honored in Germany.”The petition’s text notes that both planned concert sites are run by local authorities.
Although the singer songwriter has never been convicted on sex offences, a six-part documentary series Surviving R. Kelly aired on US TV channel Lifetime earlier this month, in which alleged victims detail accusations of sexual misconduct.
R. Kelly’s own response earlier in January was to post a 19-minute song to Soundcloud with the title “I admit,” which acknowledged “some mistakes and … imperfect ways,” but which also said he had been neither convicted nor arrested, and said some fans “abandon me ’cause of what you heard.” 
The series was viewed by an estimated 20 million people and includes over 50 interviews. It saw rebuke in New Zealand where a local radio station withdrew support for the Auckland show as a result of social media protest. The show will still go ahead.