My dad will always say “nowadays music has no meaning”,  I guess you understand the music his talking about, RAP music. He said this because he doesn’t hear what is been said in the music so believe that they are just making noise , though some really has no message or meaning but not all. 
I can bet that reality of life is coded in rap music. Music is a work of art  (literature) and “literature is a reflection of the society or mirror of life” which rap music is not  exempted. For instance, SABALI by Demian  Marley  ft  Nas,  SLAVE  MILL  by Damian Marley and  DIE YOUNG by Chris Brown ft Nas are music with message, it takes attentive attention, reflection to understand the lyrics.
But it hurts that the same rap  and pop music is use  to pass negative ideas and immoral messages, it is use proclaims sex instead of love, wealth and fame instead of self realization and worst of it all is drugs with heavy mental words, sounds and nude pictures it corrupt the mind of the youths even adults included, teenage and children are growing up with it. These artists inspires our youths, so what will they learn from you (rapper and singer)  as source of Inspiration. 
In a nutshell,  let’s appreciate God with our talent, with the beat we rebuild mankind, so we realize rythm and lyrics we will understand. 
Kyrian Bliss