Bervely Osu

With the release of her new photo shoots for the Taylor Live Magazine’s latest issue which she recently uploaded on her Instagram account, model/actress Beverly Osu, fans have criticised her.
In one of the three pictures she posted, she dons on a black nun’s outfit and with smoke coming from her nostrils, she is seen holding a lit cigarette in one hand and a rosary in another hand.
Osu captioned the picture as ‘Confessions. Taylor Live Magazine’s Latest Issue and a quick chat with the magazine, I decided to be Open and let a lot of bottled up secrets out.’
And while some of her fans saw nothing wrong it, many condemned it.
@theDamorela wrote, “Although people have abused scared materials a lot including Rosaries. But what Bevely Osu did in this shoot is outrageously disgusting. Smoking in a seductive nun attire with Rosary as hand? Rosary is meant 4 prayers, chrisitian wont come after u tho but leave u yo ut conscience.”
@tweetoracle, “I am a Catholic and I dare say that this is the height of stupidity coming from Bevely Osu. It’s a slight on what the Nuns Habit and essentially Catholicism stand for. Why such blatant disrespect for something that religious. I mean why so stupid?”
It will be recalled that this is not the first time, the model have been on the receiving end of critics. Osu also recently came out as Jasmine for; a creation of a black version of the cartoon characters.