Saudi Arabia imposes 24hrs curfew for two day to it major cities
An overview of the crowed city of Mecca 

Saudi Arabia has on Thursday forced a 24-hour curfew in two of its urban cities, Mecca and Medina.

The government stretched out measures to battle the spread of the coronavirus, which has infected of 1,700 individuals and 16 has lost theirs to it.

 Saudi Arabia Interior Ministry said in an explanation that there were a few special cases for basic labourers and for occupants to purchase food and health care services.

Autos in those urban communities’ private locale may just convey one traveller to restrict the infection’s transmission.

The nation of 30 million has found a way to contain the sickness, ending global flights, shutting most open places and suspending the all year Umrah Pilgrimage.

On Tuesday, it approached Muslims to require plans for the yearly hajj journey to be postponed pending greater lucidity about the pandemic.

Limitations on development have fixed, with passage and exit to Riyadh, Mecca, Medina and Jeddah vigorously confined.

A few neighbourhoods in Mecca and Medina were at that point under full lockdown, however, in the remainder of those urban communities, the check-in time was already from 1500 to 0600.

The eastern oil-delivering region of Qatif, where the kingdom’s first coronavirus cases were accounted for a month ago among Shi’ite Muslim pioneers coming back from Iran, has been on lockdown for about a month.

Saudi Arabia has the most contaminations and passings among the six-part Gulf Cooperation Council.